Visit to remote villages of Orong and Gomdar


The Hon’ble Dasho  Dzongdag visited the remote places of Orong and Gomdar Geogs. The tour began on the 5th of March and ended on the 9th of March, 2015. The first place of visit was at the Rimung Village under Orong Geog. On the way to Rimung Village, the team visited to Narphung satellite town to discuss on the relocation and restructuring of the existing structures in organized town. The short public consultation meeting was held in order to understand the issues and land status in the area. It was informed that soon a team will be deputed from the Dzongkhag to carry out the ground feasibility study.

The Rimung village comprises of more than 44 households. The main sources of income generation for this community presently are Ginger, Oranges and forest products (NWFPs). An hour long meeting was held with the community. Dasho Dzongdag informed the community to gear towards innovative activities to generate income since road connectivity has already reached the village. Dasho briefed the community that RNR sector: Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock play crucial role, not denying facts that rural folks had to depend daily for better livelihood. Dasho, also informed that creating and living in harmony within the community has become utmost important.

On the same day the team travelled to Jangchuling Chewog by foot to see the feasibility of farm road to connect Rimung. On the arrival to Jangchuling Chewog the team was received by Dairy Group. Right after the lunch Dasho Dzongdag thanked the Group for their warm welcome and hospitality. Dasho also said that this Dairy group has made tremendous progress within the period of 10 months and informed that he is fully satisfied for the achievement made so far. He told the Group members that all these are result of collective efforts, cooperation among the members and sacrifices contributed by every individual member in the community. Dasho also inaugurated the utility pickup procured by the Group for milk transportation.

On the second day the team visited to the Rechaglo village which was two and half hours walk from the road point. At Rechanglo village the awareness on community forest establishment was carried out by Dzongkhag Forest sector. The communities welcomed and expressed the full satisfaction on the concept of community forest for the village which was overdue for a long time. Dasho express and congratulated on the success of vegetable group. The group had supported all new members from 7-8 houses. On the way back, the team visited Gomdar village and met with the people. Dasho also insisted community to adopt Bio-Gas technology in the villages at household level. He infomed that such technoloy will imensely help the rural folks in conserving environment, promoting cleaness, ready made manure for disease free vegetable and crop production.

On the third day the group visited Barzor village, Brumi and Chindungkhar Villages. The team travelled to the Brumi village which was two hours from the road point. The team met with the community of the Brumi and Chundungkhar village. The community expressed their grievances and constraints for not having connected their village with farm road facilities. They also voiced that due to the distance from the road point and challenging footpaths the communities are not able to take economic activities for the better livelihood in the village. Dasho informed that community that the farm roads for two villages are genuine and eligible. However, due to the limited budget ceiling, it could not covered but during the planning phase (11th FYP) the farm road from Gomdar to Barzor was budgeted. Therefore, Dasho explained unless the road has reached Barzor village, it is difficult to allot budget and also, the takeoff point of road to those two villages cannot be decided. Dasho, briefed the public that the importance of farm road shall be expressed and raised to the present Government.

On the fourth day, the team visited the Gomdar Central School. Dasho met with the staff and student of the school. During the visit Dasho explained the concept of school consolidation of the present Government and informed to cope up with present facilities since infrastructure development will likely take a year’s time.



Contributed by:-
S/J Gonor