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Visit to Remote Poverty Areas of Jomotshangkha Dungkhag


A team from the Dzongkhag accompanying Hon’ble Dasho Dzongda visited the Jomotshangkha Dungkhag starting from 6th April, 2015. This time the visit was explicitly for those villages under Poverty and uncovered in the first visit to Dungkhag.

The first village to visit was at Khanduphu Village in Serthi Geog. The village comprises of 38 HHs. In order to better know about their day to day activities a short interactive meeting was organized. It was understood that they are mostly dependent on cultivation of maize and few vegetables.

They also collect few NWFPs for the income generation at household level. Dasho Dzongda briefed the farmers that the purpose of visiting as a team with RNR and planning sector was basically to understand the areas of intervention in villages with the sector driven activities for enhancing the better livelihood. Dasho also specifically informed the community to adopt Bio Gas technology for each and every HHs. All the sectors briefly highlighted the new approaches and scope of the villages for income generating activities. Farmers expressed that their satisfaction for connecting the village with GDG fund. They promised that with the connecting of road they would now adopt income generation activates like vegetable production, cash crops like potato and dairy farming.

In the same day the team met with the community of Patpanadang Village under Lauri Geog. This village has 16 HHs. Their livelihood purely based on Livestock products where free grazing system is practiced. The short query on the common interests and activities were discussed. It was know that they cultivate potato twice a year which may now become their main cash crop. Community also expressed to Hon’ble Dasho regarding the limited land holding for agriculture and Dairy farming practices.

In the late evening after few questions and answers section the team left to Woongthee village. A similar meeting was held at Woongthee also. Here, Dasho emphasized more on the sanitation of the village. He informed the community that each and every household must construct toilet and if possible, with attached bathroom. They also expressed their view on the cultivation of cardamom for income generation. On the same day, after the lunch, the team visited Momring village. Momring village has more than 35 HHs. Dasho expressed his full satisfaction for maintaining the village clean with proper waste management in place. Dasho mentioned that it could be considered as a model village in future. The possible intervention for the income generation could be backyard dairy farming for every household along with Bio-gas production in place.

On the fourth day, early in the morning the team headed towards Khashiding Chewog under Merka Geog, Tshigang Dzongkhag. An hour long meeting was held with the herder community. Dasho informed them that although they are administratively from different Dzongkhag it is utmost important to live with harmony with the neighboring Geog.  In the same day visited to Phajo Goenpa and Reynang village. Late in the evening travelled back to Jompa for the night halt.

In Serthi Geog, the team visited remote village like Tashi Thanjay and Barkalang. It is almost four walk from the road point. It comprise of 40 HHs altogether. These two villages are the remotest and isolated areas in the Geog. In the afternoon more than two hours consultative meeting was held.  They grow rice and maize as a main food crops. Although they grow few vegetables for home consumption, it is not for marketing purpose because of distance from the available market. Dasho informed the community to live in harmony and also gear gradually towards income generation activities like agriculture products and dairy products. On the way back the team met with Serthi and Monmola village for more than one hour. Awareness on health aspects like NCD and common diseases were created by ADHO to the crowd.

At Lanchephu Geog the team met with upper and lower Langchenphu communities. The short meeting was held to know about the discontinuation of milk collection by the dairy group. Dasho informed the community that all the milk should be marketed within the town areas collectively instead of illegally selling outside border towns. Dasho also insisted to install Bio-Gas for each and every individual HHs for their convenient. Afternoon, the team moved to Dawathang rehabilitation project and met with the resettles.  During the meeting, Dasho emphasized to create income generating activities like Dairy farming, fishery, piggery and other agriculture works.

Finally the team met with the shop keepers of the Langchenphu. Dasho mentioned that as far as possible every individual should come together as one and work together in harmony. He also informed to promote local produces from Agriculture, Livestock products and other locally available items. Dasho informed the floor to look at the drawing and design of Bhutanese type before construction house.

The main objective of the tour was to monitor the on-going activities in the fields. Also more importantly, over the decade Serthi and Louri Geogs remain unattended in term of development activities since there was no road and electricity facility. Now with the approaching of the GC road community needs awareness and remind them to re-orient the farming systems gearing towards income generation and scale up the production for marketing purpose. For every villages action plan will be drawn by the Geog administration in collaboration with Dungkhag and report to Dzongkhag Administration for the further line of action.


Reported by:
Thinley Rabten

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