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Hon'ble Minister of MOIC visit to Samrup Jongkhar


The Hon'ble Minister of MOIC, Lyonpo D.N.Dungyel made visit to Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag on 26/04/15 and was received at the Samdrup Choling Guest House by Dasho Dzongrab and Drungkhag officials. Towards afternoon, Lyonpo and team visited Thangkhargoenpa to offer prayers and butter lamps for the victims of earthquake in Nepal on 25/04/15. Then the team visited Samrang Gewog where a public meeting was arranged. Lyonpo stressed that the younger generation should embrace and enhance Dzongkha, the national language and that it should be used for any form of conversation. Since this was the first visit of Hon'ble Lyonpo to Samrang, His Excellency regretted and apologized of not visiting earlier, "Samrang has a high prospect for development especially after the completion of farm road which is unlike any other farm roads, and the place is blessed with plain land gradient to boost agriculture".


The Gup informed the team that since the establishment of Community Center in 2014, it has reduced not only travel time but also expenses incurred in travelling to Samdrup Choling for stationeries like legal stamps and for other services that the CIC now provides. Lyonpo conveyed that after the handover of CIC to BDBL, a bank will also be established in the gewog which has today become a necessity, and likewise in all 205 gewogs. Monetary exchange will be made much more convenient for prospective business. The community should take advantage of all facilities and infrastructure provided by the Government and not let it go to waste.

The next day, the team visited CICs of Pemathang and Phuntshothang Gewogs where Lyonpo had a brief conversation with the CIC operators and encouraged them to work harder and serve the community better. A Tshogchang hosted by Samdrup Choling Bazar comminity and local people, and then the team headed towards Dewathang for CIC visit.

In Dewathang, Lyonpo visited Mr. Bil Bhr. Kirki, Royal award recipient for best farmer. He was very grateful to Lyonpo for visiting his livestock farm and explained how he manages his farm and what makes him different from other farmers. Following a lunch at the Royal Guest House in Samrup Jongkhar, Lyonpo and team visited RSTA Regional Office and Samrup Jongkhar town and than moved towards Nganglam Dungkhag for attending the inauguration ceremony of new RSTA Office.

On 29/04/15, Lyonpo and team arrived in Jomotshangkha Dungkhag and was received by Dasho Drungpa, Gewog officials and Dungkhag staffs. On the way to Langchenphu CIC, Shiva Mandir was also visited where Lyonpo and team offered prayers. After a lunch at the guest house, the team visited Menjiwoong, Serthi Gewog to address a public meeting. Lyonpo informed the people that now after the completion of Rural Electrification, fiber cables will reach the Gewogs within 6-7 months and the community will be able to avail online services from the Community Centers. It was also conveyed that Lyonpo is aware of various difficulties in remote villages in Serthi and Lauri and that it shall be taken care of at the earliest possible. Lyonpo and team left for Samtse Dzongkhag early next morning.


- Ngawang, ICTO

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