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Monitoring Visit to Lauri and Langchenphu


2 - 10th June: Apart from the celebration of World Environment day, Hon’ble Dasho Dzongdag also visited each and every individual’s households at Tshothang and Zangthi Villages. The team was also accompanied by Dasho Dungpa, Gup, ADHO and HA for the inspection of the toilets which is mandated to constructed by individual households for the proper hygiene. During the visits it was found that the on-going constructions of toilets were not satisfactory and the progress was too slow. The toilets which were completed were not up to the specified standard and needed improvement. Having seen the scenario in the village of the Zangthi, Dasho called upon all the households for conducting awareness meeting at the Lhakhang ground.


Dasho informed on the importance of the Hygiene and maintaining cleanliness in the village at the household level. He emphasized that every individual household should cooperate with the health sector and needed to construct the toilets as soon as possible, although it might be cumbersome and heavily burdened at the moment due to busy farming schedules. Nevertheless, it is a necessity and had to achieved within the given time period. The main problem for the rural farmers were labor shortages, material transportation, lack of masons and the time frame which was coinciding with maize cultivation.

The short falls as seen during the visits were: construction of toilets at distant location, not following standard size and shape, poor materials, away from the water source and not using uniform basin. The directives from Dasho was to construct the toilets next the house or otherwise, attach to the house for the convenience of the family. All the households in Zangthi village were instructed to construct toilets as identified by the committee during the household visits.

At Dawathang visit it was found that all toilets were constructed as per the specification and advice given by the Dungkhag Administration. However, the distance from the house to toilet was not maintained as instructed. During the visits to each and every household it was found out that few toilets were impressive and constructed following the required standard. It was found that only few households could construct proper kitchens and many are left with temporary sheds for the time being.

In order to improve or kick off the income generation activities in the rehabilitation project the farmers were advised to avail BOiC subsidized loan and procure few heads of cattle for better livelihood. Few farmers opted for integrated fishery cum piggery development as supported by Livestock sector were very impressive and successful ones.

The short meeting with dairy group of Lanchenphu Geog was also conducted with the Dzongkhag livestock sector. This time the meeting was organized with local leaders of five chewogs to discuss on issues on how to revive the milk marketing group and make it functional. During the open discussion with the village leaders it was known that issues like transportation of milk from village to milk collection centers was a major problem. Secondly, it was found that few of the villagers residing near the boarder market sell milk using illegal routes not contributing to the Dairy group in the Geog.

Furthermore, the chairman of the dairy group pointed out that collection centre for milk and outlet shed is far and away from the market. That is why most of the members are reluctant to deliver milk at centre. Moreover, the customers does not choose to travel all the way to the collection centre to buy milk. Therefore, they suggested that the possible recommendation was to renovate Agriculture store in the town and convert it into sale counter for the marketing of milk. The chairman of the group and Gup was instructed to discuss issue with Dasho Dungpa for the approval. Based on the approval from the Dungkhag the material support from Dzongkhag livestock sector will be supported.

Many others issues like feed and fodder development, beg silage making, leasing of GRFL for pasture development were also discussed. The Dzongkhag livestock sector pointed out that until and unless this dairy Group is functional no other facilities like artificial insemination, material support, house construction and other will be hindered hereafter. In the late evening an hour long meeting cum awareness was conducted with the community of Jampany village. All the leaders and members agreed to reopen the milk collection from 1st July, 2015.


Thinley Rabten
Sr. Dzongkhag Livestock officer

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