Visit to new NFE Centers


The two Non-Formal Education Centers (Raling Village NFE Center in Pemathang Gewog, and Dungkarling NFE Center in Phuntshothang Gewog) were duly approved by the Dzongkhag authority to be officially opened upon receiving the recommendations from the Gewog Administration and the parent school Principals.

The main objectives of opening the centers is to explore and educate the citizens residing nearby, who were deprived to enrolled in the normal education system to promote 100% adult literacy rate in the country as the mandate of the annual performance agreement (APA).

Currently, there are 31 NFE Centers which would add up to 32 Centers in the Dzongkhag after closing down of 4 Centers (Tsholingkhar, Serthi Village, Benporong Village, Pemathang LSS) and by opening 5 new centers, (2 in Samdrupchoeling Drungkhag, 2 in Gomdar Gewog and one in Langchenphu Gewog in Jomotsangkha Drungkhag) which shall increase by only one from the existing centers.

1. Raling NFE Center was inaugurated by the Gewog and the parent school Principal on the 1stweek of August, 2015 upon receiving the written approval from the Dzongkhag. There are 13 learners who are all feminine. The community has provided the classroom in the private house constructed as the Lhakhang.

The teaching learning materials were all issued from the parent school (Pemathang LSS) from the ex-center which was recently closed down after the completion of PLC. The center is provided desks and old chairs and one green board by the parent school.

The learners were briefly oriented of the NFE policy and the mandates of completion of the course for two and a half years of learning course. The basic level course (BLC) shall consist of 18 months and the post literacy course for 12 months to complete.

2. Dungkarling NFE Center is yet to be inaugurated on the auspicious day for being the first time of the establishment. All learning materials were reached to the Center (Drunkarling ECR) and handed over to the NFE Instructor in the presence of the parent school Principal and the ECR In-charge on 10th August, 2015. The ECR shall serve as the center for teaching learning purposes since there is no other structure constructed by the community.


Compiled and Reported by:
Ngawang Tshering
Dy. Chief DEO
NFE Focal Person