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Scouting Programme


The Education Sector has initiated and disseminated to all schools to conduct the scouting activities as per the action plan drawn during the 1st & 2nd Annual Scouts Conference held at DYS, MoE, Thimphu. All schools had conducted the following activities in dedicating to celebrate the 60th Birth Anniversary of the 4th Druk Gyelpo. Unfortunately, the Dzongkhag Level Scouting Programme could not be coordinated due to lack of financial constraints till July, 2015. The following activities were conducted by schools in coordination with the Dzongkhag Scout focal person besides normal scouting programme at the school level to promote scouting education.

1. Scout Awareness Programme
2. Investiture Ceremony
3. Community Service


Awareness on Scouting Programme
The awareness on the Scouting and the Community Based Scouting programme was conducted on 18th of April 2015, in Samdrupchoeling Drungkhag at Tsangchuthama Tsechu Hall during the public meeting mainly to impart the knowledge on Bhutan Scouts Association (BSA).

The public were informed about the roles and responsibilities of being the scouts and what we can do as an individual scout in the corners of the country. They were further informed about the CBS; Community Based Scouting Programme.

People were puzzled for a movement, whether the adults can also join in the Scouting Programme or not, but later they were convinced and clarified that the adult can join scouting as CBS members. “Scouting is a voluntary programme to lead the community and support especially to advocate health and sanitary programme in the society as volunteer services.

The interested members can register as CBS with the nearby schools having scouting programme and shall be provided scarf and badges for the members. Soon after the advocacy programme, a few adults came for registration for CBS and now we have 18 Community Scouts in Phuntshothang MSS in the Dzongkhag ever registered.


Investiture Ceremony
The Investiture Ceremony was conducted at Puntshothang MSS and Jomotsangkha MSS held on 27th of April for both the scouts and the cubs. The main aim of conducting investiture ceremony is to promote mindfulness and to recognize our youth enrolled in the world of scouting programme. It is conducted after a few months of recruitment as scouts /cubs to award membership badges to honour and take pride of being a part of Bhutan Scout Association.

Further, the yearly investiture ceremony is being conducted keeping in mind the goals of scouting to involve the scout members in productive programme to impart various life skills.


Community Service

As per the action plan of the Scouting Programme, all schools in Samdrupjongkhar Dzongkhag has conducted on their own small way of community services to contribute the services in the society. Mostly the community services were focused on “Mass Cleaning Campaign”, Plantation, Farming etc. The reports from schools are unfolded below:



Paddy Transplantation
Phuntshothang Middle secondary School coordinated to support for paddy transplantation of the needy ones who are economically disadvantaged in the community to deploy labour. The group of 27 Scout members on the first day and 17 members participated on the second day for transplantation of paddy led by Scouts leaders in Dungkarling Village to help the old grandma on 25th July 2015 after resuming the term break.

The old widow, Dechen Dema, (66); lives with her own daughter who is dump and her two fatherless kids who are supported by the club since last year. Dungkarling village is five kilometers away from Phuntshothang MSS.

On the second day, 26th July, 2015, Abi Tshering Dema was helped by 17 members. His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo highlighted during the Silver Jubilee Celebration that the Agriculture is the backbone of our country. Believing it, the students could learn the art of paddy transplantation which could in turn keeps the words of His Majesty where our students learn the farming skills, see the life of farmers and understand the facts of help that upholds the dignity of labour.


Cleaning Campaign
The mass cleaning campaign was organized to advocate in the community and to disseminate the importance of keeping our environment eco friendly.



The programme was coordinated by scout’s leaders in different schools to observe the world environment day dedicating to 60th Birth Anniversary of the 4th Druk Gyelpo to pay tribute and honour his achievements and social reforms in the country for the wellbeing of the citizens. The mass cleaning programme began from the school campus as per the action plan drawn by the scouts and picked the waste in the school campus and nearby surrounding areas. Then they moved towards the market, community resting places, along the roads, footpaths, army camp, residential areas and general open areas picking wastes and disposing them in a proper place (papers, plastics, bottles and other materials). The group again continued their services until they complete the task as per the plan and finally the members dispersed and were safely reached to their respective places.



Report Compiled by:
Ngawang Tshering
Dy. Chief DEO
Scout Focal Person

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