Health Walk


A Health Walk was conducted in Samdrup Jongkhar on the 10th of October, 2015 to create awareness on Non Communicable Diseases and to raise fund for the Bhutan Health Trust Fund (BHTF) to sustainably finance essential medicines and vaccines. Venerable Lam Neten of Samdrup Jongkhar Dratshang graced the occasion and took part in the Health Walk.

The walk took off from Dewathang and finished at Samdrup Jongkhar town covering a total distance of 18 kms. Donations were contributed by the Business community, Regional Offices, Dzongkhag, Thromde and other government offices and commuters on the Dewathang-Samdrup Jongkhar Highway towards the BHTF. Donations shall be open for another month after which the account will be closed and a detailed amount from contributions shall be provided.


Ngawang Tashi Dorji,
ICT Officer