Performance Agreement LG 2016-17


During the First Dzongkhag Tshogdue session of the Second Local Government, Performance Agreement was signed between Dasho Dzongdag and Gups from 11 Gewogs of the Dzongkhag. 

The signing of Performance Agreement for Gewogs was deferred so that the agreement could be signed by the newly elected Local Government Leaders.

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1. Dewathang Gewog

2. Gomdar Gewog

3. Langchenphu Gewog

4. Lauri Gewog

5. Martshalla Gewog

6. Orong Gewog

7. Pemathang Gewog

8. Phuntshothang Gewog

9. Samrang Gewog

10. Serthi Gewog

11. Wangphu Gewog