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Its “Human beings” not time that change


Time does not change, time has not changed and time will never change. It will remain as it is. The only change that takes place is with human attitude. This change in human attitude gives birth to different life style. The kind of life style which people found all right a few years ago are now being regarded as something tedious and obnoxious by the present generation. Hence, whatever life style we approve today we cannot guarantee that our next generations would find it suitable to fit into their life.

Perhaps, the only possible reason my brain could imagine at this point of time as to why Lama Kuenzang Dorji Rinpoche and his troupe made an effort to communicate their messages on the importance of saving animal lives to the participants through theatre shows, dramas, skits, scientific examples etc and not through customary practice of oral explanation could be attributed to change in human attitude.

Knowing the kind of practices which worked well in the past but, would find hard to make its way into present generation with the same practices, it’s very obvious that Rinpoche had been visionary while taking into consideration of travelling around to do this program.

I find it hard to put my feelings into words and present it here before readers as I am inadequately equipped with vocabulary powers to express how I felt going through experiences that I came across while listening to talks delivered on saving animal lives by Lama Kunezang Dorji Rinpoche on 7th August.

To begin with, as always in any religious talk by any lamas, throughout the session, all Lamas engage in explaining orally to the devotees with the same style till end but, however here the Lama took a very short time at the beginning to give explanation orally to the devotees. After sometime the approach to making devotees understand on what Dharma means and what Dharma is all about, the members who accompanied the Rinpoche had prepared skits and songs to facilitate the devotees to give a better understanding of the contents.

The kind of techniques followed by the Lama and his troupe to communicate messages to the devotees through skits, dramas, songs etc had me into a deeper contemplation which took my mind through different stages of feelings and experiences. A feeling that awe-inspired me as others too might have also gone through the same experience.

I came to a conclusion after this program that, no matter how well we might think of our life style today, it’s only likely to change as time elapses according to the tastes of that generation. Nothing remains fixed except time. Everything goes through a process called evolution. And evolution is always at work. Our culture or our lifestyle evolves as we continue to live on this earth. Everything changes and it would be only wise to make adjustment to adapt to that new changes. And if ever we try to cram things into a situation where it would not take in any more the only consequences we may expect would be a disaster.

Thanks to Rinpoche for all these initiative and endeavors. We pray you a long life.


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