Samdrup Choling Dungkhag

Samdrupcholing Dungkhag under Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag is strategically located and shares porous international border with India in the South from Samrang and other informal point of entries from Khaemdthang, Dramzegang, Mindrupling, Nunai and Kalaladi.

There are four gewogs under the Drungkhag namely; Samrang, Pemathang, Phuntshothang and Martsalla. It has an area of 566.48Sqkm with the total population of 9108(4767 male and 4131 female)-as per PHCB 2017.

Dungkhag Map

(Drungkhag territorial map featuring gewogs under its jurisdiction).

There are five health centers and eight schools under the Drungkhag. The ten bedded Samdrupcholing Hospital serves as the referral center for other four health centers of the Dungkhag.

Poultry and fishery farmings are quite popular in Samrang, Pemathang and Phuntshothang gewogs while Martsalla gewog also produces some diary products.  While it is difficult to single out the primary source of livelihoods of the people, the paddy is seemly a stable food crop grown in the Drungkhag followed by maize and vegetables in Martsalla. Drungkhag is therefore, well known for producing the popular rice called ‘Khamtey’.

The state owned commercial enterprises such as Livestock Development Corporation Limited in Samrang, Farm Machinery Corporation Limited in Phuntshothang and State Mining Corporation Limited in Habrang and Tshophangma provide ample full time or the part time employment opportunities to the local citizens to sustain their livelihoods. Likewise, other corporate and private branch offices like Bank of Bhutan, Bhutan National Bank, Bhutan Development Bank limited, Bhutan Power Corporation, Bhutan post, Bhutan telecom and Tashi Cell offices are located in Samdrupcholing to cater the basic services to the people as per their mandates.

Moreover, with the inception of the ‘Gyalsuung Project’ (National Service), at Dorangthang under Pemathang gewog, people are aspiring for the vibrant promising future in Samdrupcholing Drungkhag.  At present, many school dropout youths are found being engaged in the project.

Drungkhag yenlag throm at Tsangchuthama is steadily being developed and one can vividly see booming up of many residential and commercial buildings.