Comparative Statements for FY 2023-24

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Comparative for RWSS.pdf 195.94 KB
Comparative for Cables and Fibers.pdf 34.65 KB
Comparative for ECCD items.pdf 92.23 KB
Comparative for Games & Sports.pdf 55.6 KB
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Hiring of vehicle FY 2023-24_0.pdf 187.61 KB
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Cartridge & Toner FY 2023-24_0.pdf 209.88 KB
Furniture FY 2023-24 (1)_0.pdf 216.05 KB
ICT devices FY 2023-24 (2)_0_0.pdf 205.35 KB
Stationary FY 2023-24_0.pdf 244.98 KB
Hardware FY 2023-24_0.pdf 272.46 KB
Livestock equipment for FY 2023-24.pdf 211.91 KB
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Electrical Supply FY 2023-24.pdf 246.17 KB
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