Message from the Dzongda

dzongda  I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our valued readers of           Samdrup Jongkhar website. 

 The gateway and commercial hub of five eastern Dzongkhags, Samdrup   Jongkhar lies in the south-eastern part of Bhutan sharing its border with the   Indian states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It has a total area of   1,877.94 sq. km and 39,023 population (19292 male and 19731 female).     Administratively it comprises of two Drungkhags (Samdrupchoeling and   Jomotshangkha) and eleven Gewogs (Wangphu, Gomdar, Orong,     Dewathang, Phuntshothang, Pemathang, Samrang, Martshala,   Langchenphu, Serthi and Lauri).

 Situated at an altitude of 600- 1200 meters, the Dzongkhag experiences hot  and humid weather conditions of maximum temperature of 36 and minimum of 14 degree centigrade and an average annual rainfall of 5309.4 mm. With large fertile plain areas in subtropical climatic zone, rich mineral deposits and many on-going industrial and mining operations, the Dzongkhag  has high potential and viability for agricultural and economic activities. However the prevailing security issues and tough geo- physical setting are some of the main challenges that hinder the planned socio-economic activities in the Dzongkhag.

Against these challenges, I would like to say that the Dzongkhag has still faired well in carrying out its planned activities in the past FYP. To put into record, it has an area of 86.15% under the forest cover, 99% safe drinking water, 52.4% literacy, 87.1% electricity coverage, 97% telecommunication coverage and 74% access to farm road. All these indicators have significantly contributed towards improvement of socio-economic life in the Dzongkhag.

More so, the Dzongkhag administration strives to play a fundamental role in establishing and achieving, within the broad framework of GNH principles, a sound socio-economic growth and development through maintaining law and order for stable security, improvement of (production, access and marketing) RNR activities for poverty alleviation, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, conservation of environment and, ensuring improved access and quality of social services in the district.

While we value the promotion of fundamentals like transparency, accountability, integrity, creativity, competence and professionalism required for effective public service delivery, we would also like to be guided ourselves by the principle of continuous improvement, which is emphasizing more on process in realization of our shared values.

In sum, I would like to say that Information & Communication Technology plays pivotal role for a progressive socio-economic development. It enhances the country to build knowledge-based society which contributes towards the growth of Gross National Happiness.

Therefore, it is my fervent hope that this Dzongkhag website will help share with everyone substantial, both qualitative and quantitative, information of the Dzongkhag.


 Wishing you all Tashi Delek!